The job was posted.   And, as of Friday, August 30, at 4:30 pm, all applications are in.  Two applicants are seeking the job of East Ward Post 1 Representative on the Covington City Council.  Now, we enter the screening phase.

As hiring managers (Covington East Ward voters), you get to review the resumes, assess the credentials, and interview the applicants.  Then, between the start of early voting on October 7 and the general election on November 5, you'll make your selection.

To help with the process, the Covington News solicited and consolidated information from both candidates.  I urge you review my answers and those of my opponentThis time, the differences are clear.

In an earlier blog post, I outlined what I believe to be a key point of distinction between myself and my opponent.  And, our answers to the questions from the Covington News reflect that difference in focus, as do our resumes.  You have plenty of time to consider that.

But, don't stop there.  To fill an opening this important, at least one interview -- perhaps more -- is in order.  I am always available by phone (678-516-5212) or email (maurice@electmaurice.com) to answer any questions you may have.
  I'll be campaigning in your neighborhood, but don't wait to reach out anytime you want to discuss my platform, my credentials, or my plans for our city.

You've got an important decision in front of you.



Jonathan Paschal
09/01/2013 8:15pm

When you're out pounding the pavement and want to take a break, my front porch and a glass of wine are always available.

Maurice Carter
09/02/2013 5:22am

I'll keep that in mind, Jonathan. Thanks. Then again, maybe a tub of ice water and new shoes might be more in order. :-)


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