On the campaign trail, I'm finding not everyone understands the City Council representation in Covington.  I say I'm running for the seat currently held by Chris Smith, and some people tell me they are in Mike Whatley's district or Keith Dalton's district.  They don't realize all three men were elected to represent the entire East Ward -- just as Janet Goodman, Hawnethia Williams, and Ocie Franklin represent the entire West Ward.  There are no districts within the wards, just three posts elected by and accountable to the whole ward.

So, if you live anywhere within the green shaded area of the map below, I'm running to represent you.  And, if you're not sure who represents you, then I suggest you may not be getting the representation you deserve.  From Carlton Trail to Fairway Drive...  On  Monticello St and in the Wildwood subdivision...  In North Links, Covington Place, North Covington, Covington Mill, and Settlers Grove...  On Floyd Street, Conyers Street, Newton Drive, Crestview Drive, Flatrock Trail, and all streets in between...  It's all the East Ward.  And, I will represent you.


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