November 5th is 116 days away, which seems like plenty of time for a campaign.  But, I'm expecting those days will pass much faster than any of us can imagine.  So, I can't waste a single moment when it comes to getting the message out about our campaign.

By now, I hope you've read my bio and reviewed the platform.  If you've decided to join the team, then I need you to help me spread the word.

I firmly believe good government can only arise from an informed electorate. I've put this website together because I want people to understand clearly what I stand for and how I will approach the job of their council representative.  As the days and weeks tick down to November,  I will use this blog to expand on my vision and articulate my approach to the key issues that will shape our city's future.

I encourage you to stay tuned and to share these messages with your friends and neighbors.



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